Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Her arms are raised over her head. I can see you standing behind her, slowly lifting her shirt up. I'm watching you, enjoying how aroused you are. She turns to you and you kiss her sensually, your tongues dancing in each other's mouths. I can hear her moan as you pull her tight to you. Her body sways with yours. I get up from the bed and move in behind her, my hands resting gently on her hips. I can feel her moving into you, wanting you. Your hand moves down to sit on top of mine and you give it a squeeze. A reminder that we're here together. I press myself up against her so she can feel my bare breasts against her back. She leans back into me, asking me for more. My hands run up her sides, feeling her curves. Such a beautiful woman. My fingers unhook her bra and she helps me pull it from her shoulders. I hear you gasp as you feel her breasts against your chest. I watch as your hands move up to them. Her head falls back as your fingers find her nipples. Her knees go weak for just a moment. I lift my hand and gently turn her head to me, finding her mouth with my lips, gently nibbling on them. Her mouth is so soft and warm against mine. I want to breathe her in.
I feel your hands slide down my thighs and know what you want. I pull her back into me and wrap my arms around her. My hands caress her breasts as my mouth nuzzles her neck. My tongue flicks out to taste her. Her breath is suddenly quicker. I know what you're doing. I know you're licking her. I know you've found her cunt. One hand grips my thigh as the other moves inside her, fucking her with your fingers. Your tongue is moving over her clit, flicking over it. I can feel her trembling in my arms as you bring her closer. My teeth find her shoulder and I bite softly. God, I want her too. Your hand leaves my thigh to spread her more for you. Her juices are running over your hand, I can hear how wet she is. Her breath is coming in gasps now. You have such a talented tongue, I know how hot you're making her. I know how hot you make me. God, fuck her harder with your fingers. She's going to cum for us. My arms grip her a little tighter as I feel her sinking into you. Her hands have wrapped themselves in your hair, pulling your face closer to her cunt. I can feel her muscles tightening. Her breath shorter, almost stopping. Then it hits her and she cries out as she grinds her hips into your face. I hold her tight, kissing her hard as she cums on you. We hold her, together, until she comes down. You slowly stand up and pull her to you. I know she can feel your hard cock pressed against her. I know she wants to fuck you, but she's going to have to wait.
You lean over her shoulder and kiss me. I can taste her on your lips, your tongue. Such a sweet taste, I just adore her taste. You slowly slide from her grip and come around behind me. She turns with you to face me. A smile on her lips, she moves her hands to my waist. An equally devious smile appears on mine. She leans in to kiss me, slowly this time, softly. Her mouth is so sensual, her tongue glides over mine. I can feel you pressed up close behind me, your cock rubbing against my ass. God, I need you to fuck me. I let one of my hands drift back to your hip, pulling you to me, letting you know what I want. Your fingers reach down between my legs and are met with my wetness, you groan softly. Her hand has done the same and settles on my clit, gently rubbing it. Your fingers push into my cunt, sliding in easily as you start to fuck me with them. My body starts to move to your rhythm. Her other hand reaches around the back of my neck and she kisses me harder, her tongue greedily taking me. I need you. I need her. I feel you move your fingers from my cunt and replace them with your cock. It's there, just teasing me, rubbing against me. I spread my thighs wider for you and you grip my hips. She spreads me for you and the head of your cock glides over my entrance. I angle my hips back for you and you suddenly thrust inside. I groan into her mouth, unable to control my hunger. You have me filled, holding your cock deep inside me, grinding ever so slightly. Then you pull out and thrust again, finding your rhythm. She holds me there for you, caressing my body, rubbing my clit. She wants me to cum for you, for her. God, so much sensation, so much pleasure.
I know you can't last long like this. She breaks our kiss and moves her tongue down my neck. I can't help but moan. She locks eyes with you, knowing what you're both doing for me. You lean forward and kiss her, drawing us closer together. I can feel you trembling behind me. This is all too much. Her fingers on my clit and your cock in my cunt has me so aroused. God, that's it. She moves her fingers a bit faster. You can feel my cunt tighten around you, starting to pulse. I hear you groan as you thrust deeper, lifting me off the ground as you do. God. I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum all over your cock. Every nerve is on fire. It overtakes me. I suddenly cum hard, my juices flowing over you. I cry out as my cunt spasms around you. I pull her tight, holding onto her, kissing her again as I ride out my climax. You can't hold back, the feeling of me cumming pushes you over the edge. You groan and thrust in deep as your cum shoots from you, pulsing out of you over and over. You stroke your cock in and out as you shoot your cum deep inside me, riding out the feelings.
With a collective groan and a giggle, we untangle ourselves and pile on the bed, sweaty, happy and ready for more. I lean over and kiss you, softly...

Friday, March 24, 2006

Dream Fuck

It felt like 10 hands moving up and down my body. They caressed my calves, my thighs, my hips. I could feel fingertips brushing over my belly. They ran over my breasts and teased my nipples. I could hear myself gasp as they found my cunt. The hands were so soft and gentle, a tease on my clit. I could feel my thighs opening for them, wanting more. It was then that my eyes fluttered open and I realized it was a dream. Though I still feel hands on me, your hands. I adjust my eyes to the darkness and glance at the clock... 4:30 am.
An involuntary gasp escapes my lips when I feel your hard cock rub up against my ass. God, you're so fucking hard. I push myself back to you, pushing my ass to your cock. Your hips more sensually against me, stroking yourself, using me. I bring my hands back to your hips and pull you tighter to me. I can feel your pre-cum making my ass wet allowing you to slide easier against me. Still not fully awake, I allow you to caress my body, giving into the feelings. You gently pull my shoulder back so I face you. Our mouths connect heatedly, passionately. My hand runs through your hair, pulling you closer to me. I can feel your hand on my breast, god, such a warm and soft touch. Your fingers play with my nipple and I arch my back to you. I kiss you harder and you tease me.
I feel your thigh slide over mine, positioning yourself above me, your hard cock pressed into my leg. Your lips break their contact and slide over my jaw, nibbling to my ear. I feel your hot breath as you whisper your intentions. My cunt pulses at the suggestion. Your hot wet tongue glides down my neck. You have such a way of making my body react to you. I can feel my heat rising as your tongue flicks over my nipple. The sparks shoot through me. I want you. I let my own hand find my cunt. My fingers slide over it, getting wet from my juices. I drag the tips up to hover over my clit, enjoying the sensations of the pressure on it. I begin to rub slowly. Your tongue is circling my nipple, torturing me with the pleasure. It's a slow sensual build-up. Your hand moves down and I hear you moan as you discover my hand already there. You hesitate for a moment before moving lower. Your fingers find my wetness and push their way inside, my hips moving up to meet you. I can feel your cock pulse against my leg. I don't want to wait any longer. I need you to fuck me. Now.
I break from you and reach into the drawer of the night stand. The oil is in the corner of the drawer. You know exactly what I want. I open the lid and pour some out into my hand, smiling. I run my hand over your already wet cock. The feel of the oil makes you gasp for breath. My hand runs smoothly over you, coating you in its slickness. I turn back away and run my fingers over my ass. I let my fingers massage my hole, getting myself ready for you. Your own hand is stroking your cock, getting you harder. I move over next to you, laying on my side, spooning in front of you. Reaching behind me, I grasp your cock. I need this. I rub your cock head against my ass feeling my cunt pulse in anticipation. I slowly push back against you, the head of your cock, pushing slowly past my entrance. I stop for a minute to let myself adjust to you. My clit is throbbing already. You're going to make me cum like this. I push back against you a bit harder, you're holding still, letting me guide you inside. Your cock head pushes past my outer hole and you easily slide inside, filling me with a slow burn of pleasure and pain. We thrust slowly together, pushing your cock further inside my tight hole. I need you to touch me. I guide your hand back to my clit. Just the touch of your fingers almost sends me over the edge. Your cock is so hard and swollen inside me. You glide easier now and I move my hips harder. Your fingers move faster over me, circling hard. I need you deeper. I pull you with me as I roll to my hands and knees. I hear you grunt as you push your cock deeper still. I feel your balls slapping against me as you fuck me harder. Your hands reach around me and find my clit again. My cunt immediately responds and I feel my orgasm coming. God, fuck me harder, push your cock deeper into my ass. Your fingers work me faster and I lower my head down into the mattress. I bite the sheets as you fuck me, my hands clawing. Oh god, that's it. Oh fuck. It swells up from my clit and spreads through me. I cum hard, my cunt and my ass spasming around you. I rock back into you. Don't stop fucking me. I'm cumming so fucking hard. Oh god. You groan loudly and thrust hard into my ass, you're cumming with me, shooting your hot spunk deep inside me over and over. You thrust once again and collapse onto my back, kissing it. We both laugh breathlessly as we lay back down on our sides. I feel you slide your cock from my ass, your cum dribbling from me. I love getting what I want.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Playing With Her

I look down at her as she's sliding her hand up my leg. I was very lucky to have found someone as beautiful as her. She was just standing there admiring a pair of strappy sandals when I first noticed her. I noticed her legs first, long and lean standing atop a gorgeous pair of black stilettos. I followed them up to her short tailored skirt that showed off her luscious ass. That's really all the further I needed to go but the rest of her delighted my eyes all the same. She noticed me staring at her openly. She didn't look away. It didn't take long to get her back to my bedroom.
She's knelt before me now, her hands sliding over my calves as I run my fingers through her hair. She's naked as I had stripped off her clothes a few minutes ago. She melted at my touch, her mouth was so warm and wet when I kissed her for the first time. My tongue gently probed her mouth as I slowly undid the buttons to her blouse exposing her lacy bra. Her blouse slipped easily from her shoulders. Her breasts were small but perky and her nipples were rock hard. I gently teased them through her bra before removing it altogether. Her hands moved to her skirt zipper, pulling it down and letting the skirt fall to the floor. Her small lacy thong followed quickly. I let my hands run over her soft skin. Such a tantalizing feel. My mouth traced her jaw and lingered for a moment before moving down her neck. Her soft sighs permeated my thoughts and I could think of nothing but her. My hands traced over her breasts and circled to her nipples. So pert, so delicious. She slid slowly from my hands as her body lowered to the floor.
Her fingers traced over my feet and up my bare legs. Her hands taking me in. She caressed them as if they were the essence of my sensuality. This is where we are now. Her lips are softly licking their way up my legs to the edge of my skirt. She looks up at me briefly as her hands part my thighs. Such beautiful eyes looking up at me. I open my thighs for her as her fingertips make their way to my already wet cunt. She gasps softly as she realizes my panties have already been removed. She slowly traces her fingers around my wet lips before pushing them open. She lazily slides one finger inside, sampling me. Her touch was delightfully erotic. With my help, she pushes up my skirt, exposing me to her. I let my head roll back as I feel her warm breath on me, my hands tangled in her hair. I gasp as I feel her tongue gently lick my slit. I spread my thighs a bit wider as she pushes another finger inside, expertly stroking me. Her tongue moves up to my clit and slowly circles it. I sigh and wrap my fingers tighter in her hair. The feel of her tongue mingled with her hot breath is exquisite. I moan as her fingers push deeper and find my spot. I need her. I pull her from me and lift her up until she's standing in front of me. My hands move to lift my shirt off as her hands reach behind me and unhook my bra. My hands then remove my skirt and let it fall to the floor. I then pull her close so her body is pressed tight against mine, I can feel her hot skin on mine. I kiss her lips again and let our tongues glide over each other. I push her back to the bed and lay her across it. Climbing up onto the bed, she slides her hands over my hips, pulling me down onto her. I move my cunt against hers, our clits rubbing together. Our hands explore each other further, mine massaging her breasts, hers gliding over my ass. She wraps one leg around me, pulling me closer, grinding harder. We're both so close. My fingers pinch her nipple and she arches her back to me. I need to take her in my mouth. I break our kiss and lower my head to her beautiful breasts. My tongue deftly flicks over her nipple. She moans and pulls me tighter. I lean off to the side and reach my hand down between her thighs. She's so ready for me, I can feel her wetness flood my hand as I push my fingers inside her. I reach back with my thumb and rub her clit as my tongue teases her nipples. Her hand reaches across mine and finds my clit. She rubs me rhythmically to my own hand, keeping pace with me. She's going to make me cum, her body, her sounds, her touch, oh god. Her hips thrust up to meet my hand, I can feel her cunt pulsing around me. I slide my fingers in and out, fucking her with them. She moans loudly as her one hand claws at my back. I move with her, pressing my own cunt harder against her other hand. My thighs tighten around hers, my muscles tightening. I'm going to cum, she's going to make me cum. My teeth clamp down on her nipple, biting hard. She screams in pain and pleasure and suddenly starts to convulse under me. I push my fingers in hard as she cums on them, clenching around them. Seeing and hearing her cum pushes me over the edge. I cry out as I feel it hit me. God. The pleasure flashes as I convulse on her. I kiss her lips hard as I let it flood over me. Our bodies rock together as we ride out our orgasms. We stay like that, entwined as we slowly come down. Gasping for breath we smile and lazily untangle ourselves. I'm so glad I found her today.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Feeling You

Do you have any idea how much I want you right now? How much I want to feel your hands sliding over my body? Feel your lips on mine? Your body pressed against me? I'm thinking about that right now. You. Your body. Your hands. Your lips. Your tongue. My own hands are acting as yours, sliding over me. I'm touching myself as you would, letting them caress my arms. My eyes are closed as I feel my fingers drift across my breasts. I want you. My fingertips gently tease my nipples as I feel my heartbeat quicken. My nipples grow hard under my touch. I roll them between my fingers, moaning softly at the feelings they produce. They are so sensitive. You know that though. You know how it makes me writhe under you when you suck on them and bite them. You know the pleasure it brings me, the feelings in my cunt. I pinch them harder, feeling you in place of my fingers. I let my other hand move across my belly. The anticipation I feel when you do this to me. Will you touch me? Will you tease me? I move my hand down my thighs, feeling your hand spreading them. I let them fall open and caress the insides of my thighs. Just the soft touch of fingertips on my skin. I pinch my other nipple harder, moaning as I do. I see you there, propped above me, watching me as you give me pleasure, loving the look on my face, the movements of my body. I know you love that.
My fingertips move up my thighs. I want this, I need this. My fingers gently slide up my slit. I am so wet for you. You know how wet I get when you touch me like this. I spread my wetness up to my clit and gently rub, such intensity. My eyes close tighter, my breath quicker. You love this, finding my hard little button and circling it, watching me become helpless to your touch. I let my fingers slide back down my slit and tease my cunt lips, touching them softly. I am so ready for you. I open myself and slowly slide two fingers inside. I'm so warm and wet. I slide my fingers in and out, feeling them stroke me. Feeling your fingers as I do. Feeling them touch me in the way I love. I slide them out and bring them up to my lips. My tongue slides up my fingers, licking my juices off, tasting me. I know how much you love my taste. I know how much you love licking me off you. I move my hand back down and spread my saliva over my clit. I rub again, a bit harder this time. I can't wait much longer. This teasing is too much. I want to cum for you. My other hand moves down along my belly. I can feel you sliding down my body until I feel your hot breath on my cunt. My fingers slide back inside me. I curl them forward to find my spot. My back arches up as I feel your tongue on me. My fingers rub faster. I can see you there, your face buried in my cunt, looking up at me and smiling. You know how much pleasure you bring me. My fingers stroke in and out, curling forward each time, pressing into me. I know it's what you want, to see me like this, masturbating for you. My fingers move in tight little circles as I stroke myself. Pushing three fingers inside, filling me. My head falls back as I arch my back higher. It's too much, not enough. I push my fingers in deeper, fucking myself with them. I can feel my cunt tighten around them, starting to pulse. Bring me there. I press harder with my fingers as I feel the warmth spreading through me. Bring me over the edge. I can feel your body moving with me, willing me to cum for you. I know you want that, for me to cum on your face, your tongue, your lips. My fingers move with you. Pushing deeper, rubbing harder. The pleasure is growing, blossoming out from my touch. Rubbing faster. It's there. I moan your name as I feel the release wash over me. A white hot pleasure crashing into me. My cunt pulses around my fingers, your fingers, making them so very wet, throbbing hard. Such amazing sensations, such release. My breathing is ragged as I come down. Feeling you in me, over me, through me, I relax at the thought, wishing you were here.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Being My Whore

"Come here. Now."
I watch you walk toward me, your head down. Knowing it's how I like you to be, submissive, willing to do what I ask. Such a good Boy. You come to stand in front of me and I look you over. This body has given me so many nights of pleasure. I step forward a bit and breathe you in, such a sweet smell. It makes me internally groan at the anticipation of what I'm about to do. I walk around behind you letting my fingers trail across your chest. You're breathing harder now. My hands drifts over your should and down you naked back. I let my fingernails gently rake down your spine and hear you moan softly. Ah, so that's what you want today. I smile knowing I can give that to you, allow you to have it. "Sit on the chair," I whisper in your ear. You comply eagerly and sit in the hard wooden chair next to where I'm standing. Still behind you, I let my fingers run through your hair then pull on it hard. "Do you want it, slut?" I inquire a bit menacingly, "Do you want to be my filthy whore?" "Yes Master," you whisper, "Let me be your whore, your slut, your dirty Boy." Mmmm, good. You know I like it when you tell me that. You know how much it turns me on. I can feel the heat between my legs growing as I stand here behind you.
"You can touch me," I say gently and your hands immediately reach behind you and find my legs. They move along them, stroking them, feeling them. I continue to run my fingers through your hair as I bend down and kiss your neck. My tongue strokes the soft spot where your neck meets your shoulder. Then I bite you, hard. I hear the whoosh of air rush from your lungs as you feel the pain mixed with the pleasure. Your fingers dig into my legs from the sensation. I look down over your shoulder and see the instant reaction in your hardening cock. I need it harder. I let my mouth work its way around the back of your neck as I grab a handful of hair again. My lips tease your neck as I alternate sucking and licking you. I reach the other side of your neck and let my teeth tear into your flesh, leaving a mark where they bite. You moan louder and I watch your cock pulse. Your fingers dig harder into my thighs. That's enough.
I step back from you and hear you let out a deflated sigh, a soft whimper. I reach into the drawer and pull out the restraints. They'll be nice and tight today. I want you to feel them tighten if you try to move too much. I slip one around your wrist and you suck in your breath. I know how much you love feeling of being restrained. I know how much you like the helplessness, the feeling of submission. I slip the other one around your other wrist and tighten it firmly. Your arms are now firmly secured around the back of the chair, at my mercy. I like you like this. I let my mouth brush over your shoulder again, kissing softly this time, tenderly. My fingertips brush over your chest, over your hard nipples. I roll the hard little bud between my fingers and watch you writhe in the chair. You are so hard now, aching to be touched, fucked. Not yet. I let my hands meander down your chest, over your stomach and down the length of your thigh. My lips are on your chest now as I maneuver around to the front of you. Both hands are caressing your thighs. Each time your cock throbs, it brushes against my stomach. Suddenly you feel my nails dragging up the insides of your thighs and you feel me bit your chest. A loud groan slips from your lips as your hips thrust up to me. I know the feelings running through you. The sweet searing pain that you love so much. I let you rub your cock against me for a minute before breaking contact. "Such a dirty little slut rubbing against me like that," I throatily whisper. You moan softly but say nothing. "If you want me that much then you need to make me cum," I say forcefully, "You need to make me cum hard all over you." I push your legs together and step around them. I step up on the chair on either side of your legs positioning my cunt right at your face. "Lick me, make me cum." Your face lights up and moves forward to lick me. It's difficult with your hands tied, but you're eager to please me. Your tongue moves up my slit tasting my wetness. You have no idea how close I am. I wrap my fingers in your hair and push your mouth closer to me. "Make me fucking cum," I say harshly already so close to the edge. Your tongue moves over my clit in the way you do so well. You know what gets me off. You know how to make me cum. Your tongue moves in little circles, teasing my clit. The flat of your tongue dragging over it as your lips suck me. God, that's it. I moan softly and move my hips into you. My fingers tighten in your hair and you groan. Nothing gives you more pleasure than to have me cum for you. You move your tongue faster focusing on my little button. I can feel my wetness spreading down my legs. I can feel the sensations building in me. God, so fucking close. You know this, you know my body so well. Your tongue slows and moves in broader circles. My hips are moving rhythmically with you. My fingers ever tightening in your hair. I let go with one hand and place it on your back, pressing your chest closer. So close. You shift slightly and move closer. I can't stop my hips, tehy're fucking your face. I need to cum. I need you to make me cum. The build-up is too much, it hits me hard, waves of pleasure radiating through me. My nails dig into your back as I cum all over your face. My cunt pulsing and my body trembling I push your face into me, riding it out with your tongue still licking me. Breathing hard, I move my hand down and spread myself for you. You push your tongue deeper and lick my wetness from my cunt, savoring the taste of me. God, such pleasure.
I know you want more. So do I. I step down from the chair and spread your legs again. I kneel down in front of you and kiss you passionately. I can taste me on your lips. I push my tongue into your mouth and swirl it around yours. My hand is around your cock, stroking it. I reach down between my legs and push my fingers inside me and stroke them in and out. You've made me so incredibly wet. I pull them back out and spread my juices over your cock, making it slick, making my hand slide easily over you. I feel you groan into my mouth. Your hips thrust up to meet my hand with each stroke. God, you're so erect, so hard. I need to fuck you. I stand up again and straddle your lap, moving down just enough so your cock it at my cunt. All I have to do is slide you inside me. I grab your hair again and pull your head back. You wince, but I know how much you love it. I look you right in the eyes and hiss, "Do you want me? Do you want me to fuck you? Do you want me to fuck my dirty whore? I need you to beg me. Beg me to fuck you."