Friday, December 26, 2008

Control - Part 2

This is a continuation of a post I wrote a short time ago. If you haven't read it or if you want to enjoy it from beginning to end, go here to read Part 1.

Your struggles and gasps arouse me more. I hover over you, not letting you touch me and your anguish is clear. My fingers tighten around your wrists as you wrestle against me. And then you beg. It's quiet at first, only a whisper. I ignore you and your pleas become louder. You beg to touch me, taste me, pleasure me. It's all you want and it's what I wanted to hear.

I ease my body down against you, my cunt coming to rest against your lips. You gasp again but this time in pleasure. I groan softly as your tongue slowly licks up my length. For as much as you wanted to taste me and as much as you struggled against me, your tongue moves slowly and deliberately. You know what I like and want to give it to me.

My hips move with you, using you for my pleasure. Juices flood my cunt as your tongue works its way around my clit. Over and around, again and again, your tongue makes me tremble against you. It slides down to my opening and pushes inside me, tasting the wetness you caused. I feel your groan as you drink me, deep and throaty it reverberates inside me. Your hands push back against me and i tighten my grip, my fingernails digging into your skin now.

I push my hips harder against you. I need to come like this. I shift, forcing your tongue back to my clit, grinding my cunt against your face. My body sways and rocks against you. I need you to make me come. Your tongue works over me and you strain against me, wanting so much to be able to use your hands as well. My muscles tighten, I'm so close now. I press my cunt to you, using you, controlling you. My clit pulses with your licks and sucks. I can't hold it back any longer. My body trembles and my back arches as I succumb to my orgasm. I cry out and push against you. My juices flood your face and you desperately lap at me, wanting all of me as I come over you. My body shakes as the pleasure courses through my body and I only want more.

I slide down your body and a cry escapes from your lips. My cunt, slick from my cum, eases down across your erect cock. You're hot and hard and I need to come again. I'm insatiable now. I need to be fucked. I need to come again and I want to come with you inside me. I want to feel your thick cock filling me as I come around you. I tilt my hips back and press against you. The head of your cock slides to my cunt lips. With a slow, deliberate movement, I push down against you. he head of your cock slides easily inside me. We both moan as your cock enters me. I push down harder until you're buried deep inside me and hold you there for a moment. The heat between us makes me gasp. I feel so filled, I need to fuck you. My cunt squeezes tight around you, still pulsing from my orgasm. Your cock respond and throbs inside me. I've needed this.

I lean down and slide my tongue over your lips. You greedily kiss me back. You're hungry for more as well. It'd then that I release your hands. Your fingers fly to my hair, pulling me closer as our kiss deepens. It's frantic now. I've teased you for so long and you need to fuck - urgent and hard.

I move on you, my hips rocking as your cock slides in and out of my dripping cunt. There's no tenderness or caresses, there's only the need to fuck, the desire to come, the urgency of the feelings. Your hands grab my hips and pull me down against you. Your thrusts are greedy and I urge you on. I tell you to fuck me hard. I tell you I want your hard cock pounding into me. I tell you I want you to fucking come for me. You groan loudly as I speak to you, your body tense as you fuck me.

I slide my hand down in between us and move my fingers over my clit. I want to come with you, I need it. My fingers circle my clit. Each thrust by you brings me closer. The sounds of our fucking fill the room, sensual wet sounds accompany your thrusts and we both gasp for air as our fucking becomes urgent. I'm so close. I move my other hand to my breast. I pinch my nipple hard, feeling the response in my cunt. I feel my body tensing and I know I'm going to come again. I tell you to fuck me harder, faster. As the feeling starts to surge through me, I lean forward and roughly grab your hair. Pulling your head back, my lips crush against your as I start to come again. My cunt pulses hard around your cock, my juices flood your length. I know you can't hold back either. I break our kiss and tell you to come for me, come with me. I want you to come deep inside my cunt. I want to feel your hot cum spurting inside me.

You cry out, a long tormented cry as you thrust roughly into me. You can't hold back. Your body shakes as your cum erupts from your cock. You thrust hard again as spurt after spurt of hot cum surges from you. My cunt pulses around you, milking you for all of your cum. Our lips touch again, kissing passionately as we allow the remnants of our fucking to ebb through our bodies. Our juices mix together as we continue to rock against each other, not wanting it to end.


At 8:47 AM, Anonymous Tboy said...

Mmmmm, i cam deliciously reading this. My hand covered with my cum as i fantasised about fuckingyour tight cunt. Releasing my cum deep inside. Come over here and lick my clean you dirtygirl;)

At 12:25 PM, Anonymous texasdude (edited) said...

Mmmmm yes, I had no other choice but to cum after I saw the ending.

At 4:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have wanted this for so long. so many hours spent in fantasies about a girl who perfectly matches dominance with affection.

remember in your day to day life. no matter what anyone says, to me you are perfect.

At 3:35 AM, Anonymous mysticgirl said...

i've been viewing your blog for 5 months.. and after reading your articles.. im wet.. looking forward to your next posts.. hope i was that girl... :D

At 6:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have reading all those stuffs, I wish I was a girl

At 1:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i came at the same time you did. yum.


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